Coffesso is a coffee with a unique taste and aroma, brewed according to the original Italian recipes.

Coffesso is a coffee for your positive time-out.

Together with Coffesso, you have the opportunity to cut yourself a break, briefly disconnect from the hustle and bustle, check what's new in your smartphone and enjoy a cup of amazing coffee.

Choose the Coffesso that you love and enjoy it.

  • Espresso
    Saturated aroma and rich aftertaste are achieved due to a harmonious combination of South American Arabica and Robusta of dark roast. It is perfect for strong coffee lovers.
  • Classico
    Deep taste and saturated aroma are achieved due to a harmonious combination of selected Arabica and medium roasted grains. It will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of Italian coffee.
  • Crema
    Refined delicate taste and sophisticated aroma are created by means of a balanced light roasting of selected coffee varieties. It perfectly goes together with cream and milk.